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Setting Up Your E-mail on Android Phones

  1. Go to Apps > Mail (on some Android releases the application named Email).

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  2. If you didn't set any email on (Mail) once you click on it, it will give you options to choose from. choose Other (POP3/IMAP)

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    In case you already have other email accounts on (Mail), go to menu on the top and select Add Account

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  3. In the first field put your email  "name@(your domain)" after that enter your  password then Next.

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  4. Incoming settings.
    In the fields: Email address and Username put your email  "name@(yourDomain)" then Enter the password.For the POP server, put the "mail.(yourDomain)", Server port: 110 and Next.

  5. Outgoing server settings.
    Again enter your username "name@(yourDomain)" then password, in SMTP server write "mail.(yourDomain)", leave security type as is.
    For the Server port: 587 then.. yep you guessed it, Next!

  6. The last step, put your Account Name (your desired name which will appear to others on you send emails) then put your email in the next field "name@(yourDomain)" and Finish Setup.

    Congratulations! your email is set now and you're good to go.